Education plays a very critical role in deciding growth of nation. Educated citizens of the country brings fame, wealth and prosperity to the country which help in development of a country. All this helps in nation building.

Nation building is defined as constructing a national identity with which it is known by the world like having a flag, national anthem etc. Nation building works on the unification of the citizens in the country so that country can remain in peace and also remain stable in a long run. Now the question arises, What could be the best tool for unification among citizens ? The answer is education.

People who are educated are aware of what is right and what is wrong. Their minds works in somewhat similar way. Thus, educated people are united by the sense of thinking, by the sense of right and wrong.

Education helps in dream building. It helps a person in analysing the path which will help him achieving his dream. Achieving his dream will give him a sense of fulfillment in his life. Also, It is a fact that such citizen respect their country the most. These citizen work for their country in whichever way they could, hence help in nation building.

People like Sunder Pichai (CEO of Google) etc. reaches to the height where world not only sees them as a brilliant mind but also praises the country which laid the foundation of such brilliant minds. It is education that helped them move up and it is India that laid the foundation. Hence, nation building.

Saying all this, it does not hide the fact that India’s education system has been crippled for years. With the poor population of more than 80% in the country, it will be fair to say that India has not been able to provide effective education to almost 80% of the children. This is extremely depressing figure knowing that education helps in nation building.

Hence, there is an urgent need to wake ourselves and start to work towards improving our education system. I know that it is very easy to say than to implement. But, at least we can give it a try.

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