Vitamins And Their Chemical Names

Vitamins And Their Chemical Names
Vitamins And Their Chemical Names
Vitamin – B2 Vitamin-A
Chemical Name Retinal
Deficiency Disease Night blindness
Source Aggar, 🥛 Milk, 🥚 Egg, 🍓 Fruit
Vitamin – B1
Chemical Name Thiamine
Deficiency Disease Berry-Berry
Source Peanut🥜, Potato🥔, Vegetables
Vitamin – B2
Chemical Name Riboflebin
Deficiency Disease Skin Burst, Eye Disease
Source egg, 🥛 milk, 4 green vegetables🥗
Vitamin – B3
Chemical Name Pantothenic Acid
Deficiency Disease burning feet, hair white
Source 🍗 Meat, 🥛 Milk, Peanut , Tomato 🍅
Chemical Name Nicotinamide (Niacin)
Deficiency Disease Monthly Disorders (Pelagra)
Sources meat 🍗🥩, groundnut 🥜, potato🥔
Chemical Name Pyridoxine
Deficiency Disease Anemia, Skin Disease
Source 🥛 milk, meat, 🥦 vegetable
Vitamin – H / B7
Cyanic name biotin
Deficiency Disease Hair fall, skin disease
Source Yeast, Wheat, Egg
Vitamin – B12
Chemical Name Cyanocobalamin
Deficiency Disease Anemia, Pandas Disease
Sources Meat🥩, kleji, Milk
Chemical Name Ascorbic Acid
Deficiency Disease Scurvy, gingivitis
Sources Amla , nimbu 🍋, Orange 🍊,
Vitamin – D
Chemical Name Calciferol
Deficiency Disease Rickets
Source ☀️ sunlight, 🥛 milk, eggs
Vitamin – E
Chemical Name Tecopheral
Disease due to deficiency decreased fertility
Source Green Vegetable 🥒🥦, Milk🥛, Curd.
Chemical Name Philoquinan
Deficiency Disease Blood clotting
Sources Tomato 🍅, Green vegetables 🥒, Milk

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