Artificial Intelligence Powered Grievance Management Application

Artificial Intelligence Powered Grievance Management Application

Why in News?

Defence Minister launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered grievance management application in New Delhi.

About Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered grievance management application:

It is developed by Ministry of Defence with the help of IIT-Kanpur.

This is the first AI based system developed to improve grievance redressal in the Government.

The AI tool developed as part of the initiative has capability to understand the content of the complaint based on the contents therein. As a result, it can identify repeat complaints or spam automatically.

Based on the meaning of the complaint, it can categorise complaints of different categories even when key words normally used for such search are not present in the complaint.

It enables geographical analysis of complaints in a category including analysis of whether the complaint was adequately addressed or not by the concerned office.

Easy user-friendly search enables user to formulate his own queries/categories depending on management requirements and seek performance results based on the query.

The release of this application marks the introduction of AI-based innovations into governance and administration.

This project is first of its kind initiative of the Government for using AI, data science and Machine Learning techniques in grievance redressal. The success of this project in MoD will pave the way for extension of this application across other Ministries.

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