Census Provisional Population Totals 2011

General Notes:

  • The figures for India and Manipur, include by sex, the estimated population, 0-6 population and literates of Paomata, Mao Maram and Purul sub-divisions of Senapati district of Manipur for Census 2001 and 2011.
  • For working out density of India and the State of Jammu & Kashmir, the entire area and population of those portions of Jammu & Kashmir which are under illegal occupation of Pakistan and China have not been taken into account.
  • For Census 2011, the population of “Others” has been clubbed with the “Males” for working out population, 0-6 population, literates and related rates and ratios.
  • Rural Urban Areas: The data in the table on Final Population Totals are presented separately for rural and urban areas. The unit of classification in this regard is ‘town’ for urban areas and ‘village’ for rural areas. In the Census of India 2011, the definition of urban area adopted is as follows:
    (a) All statutory places with a municipality, corporation, cantonment board or notified town area committee, etc.
    (b) A place satisfying the following three criteria simultaneously:

    1. a minimum population of 5,000;
    2. at least 75 per cent of male working population engaged in non-agricultural pursuits; and
    3. a density of population of at least 400 per sq. km. (1,000 per sq. mile).

For identification of places which would qualify to be classified as ‘urban’ all villages, which, as per the 2001 Census had a population of 4,000 and above, a population density of 400 persons per sq. km. and having at least 75 per cent of male working population engaged in non-agricultural activity were considered. An area is considered ‘Rural’ if it is not classified as ‘Urban’ as per the above definition.* The area figure exclude 78,114 sq. km. under the illegal occupation of Pakistan, 5,180 sq. km. Illegally handed over by Pakistan to China and 37,555 sq.km. under the illegal occupation of China in Ladakh district.Source: Census of India 2011

Population Size 1,210,854,977
Population Size (Male) 623,270,258
Population Size (Female) 587,584,719
Population Size (Rural) 833,748,852
Population Size (Rural Male) 427,781,058
Population Size (Rural Female) 405,967,794
Population Size (Urban) 377,106,125
Population Size (Urban Male) 195,489,200
Population Size (Female) 181,616,925
Population Size, 0-6 yrs 164,515,253
Population Size, Male 0-6 yrs 85,752,254
Population Size, Female 0-6 yrs 78,762,999
Population Size, Rural 0-6 yrs 121,322,865
Population Size, Rural Male 0-6 yrs 63,084,449
Population Size, Rural Female 0-6 yrs 58,238,416
Population Size, Urban 0-6 yrs 43,192,388
Population Size, Urban Male 0-6 yrs 22,667,805
Population Size, Urban Female 0-6 yrs 20,524,583
Population Density (Total, Persons per sq km) 382
Sex ratio (Females per 1000 Males) 943
Sex ratio (Rural) 949
Sex ratio (Urban) 929
Sex ratio, 0-6 yrs Females per 1000 Males 918
Sex ratio, 0-6 yrs Rural 923
Sex ratio, 0-6 yrs Urban 905
Literates,7+ yrs 763,638,812
Literates,7+ yrs (Male) 434,763,622
Literates,7+ yrs (Female) 328,875,190
Literates,7+ yrs (Rural) 482,793,835
Literates,7+ yrs (Rural Male) 281,361,374
Literates,7+ yrs (Rural Female) 201,432,461
Literates,7+ yrs (Urban) 280,844,977
Literates,7+ yrs (Urban Male) 153,402,248
Literates,7+ yrs (Urban Female) 127,442,729
Literacy rate,7+ yrs (Persons, Per cent) 73
Literacy rate,7+ yrs (Male, Per cent) 80.90
Literacy rate,7+ yrs (Female, Per cent) 64.60
Literacy rate,7+ yrs (Rural, Per cent) 67.80
Literacy rate,7+ yrs (Rural Male, Per cent) 77.10
Literacy rate,7+ yrs (Rural Female, Per cent) 57.90
Literacy rate,7+ yrs (Urban, Per cent) 84.10
Literacy rate,7+ yrs (Urban Male, Per cent) 88.80
Literacy rate,7+ yrs (Urban Female, Per cent) 79.10
Main Workers 362,565,571
Main Workers (Male) 273,209,976
Main Workers (Female) 89,355,595
Main Workers (Rural) 245,868,421
Main Workers (Rural Male) 178,095,330
Main Workers (Rural Female) 67,773,091
Main Workers (Urban) 116,697,150
Main Workers (Urban Male) 95,114,646
Main Workers (Urban Female) 21,582,504

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