A computer is a device that can carry out logical and mathematical operations through a set of programmed instructions. In today’s parlance, the word computer usually means a Personal Computer; that has a central processor, storage capabilities, and input and output devices.

Advantages of Computer

  • Work that is saved on the computer can be easily accessed and used again or edited for new purposes.
  • Upgradable hardware.
  • The final output is seen on the screen while it is being produced. This allows the content creator to check the work.
  • Since the editing is done real time, only the final version needs to be printed reducing the need for paper.
  • Connects to social media easily.
  • While creating content, research can be done right on the computer simultaneously. Sources can be easily cited, and the information inserted.
  • Computers can automate tasks, have recurring calendar items, and reduce menial tasks.
  • A person’s activities can be tracked so a journal or diary of their activities can be accessed by the user.
  • Computers can play a variety of media formats unlike other devices such as TVs.
  • Immersive gaming due to the larger screens and input devices.
  • Faster editing of media due to the powerful processor.
  • Better online shopping.
  • Experience sharing is easier since most controls require a keyboard and mouse.
  • Software availability as most of the world publishers, develop for the computer first.
  • Depreciates slowly as hardware components have a long shelf life.

Disadvantages of Computer

  • Causes wrist pain as people work with the keyboard and mouse.
  • Computers consumes more electricity.
  • Steep learning curve from learning the operating system and the software.
  • Distracting from work since it is easy for social connections to find you.
  • Activities are tracked.
  • Prolonged use causes eye strain.
  • Encourages micro-management as tasks and activities are tracked.
  • Expensive to run and maintain since you have to keep antivirus software updated.
  • You are tied to an operating system which makes it hard to switch platforms.
  • Compromises privacy.
  • Need for updates for hardware and firmware.
  • High Training costs because of the different components that may be upgraded.
  • Desktop machines are not mobile; and while laptops are mobile, they are generally not as easy to use as smartphones.
  • Computers now have limitations when not connected to the internet.

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