Importance of Energy conservation

The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed said Gandhiji. Hard facts on why energy conservation is a must are outlined below.

  • We use energy faster than it can be produced – Coal, oil and natural gas – the most utilised sources take thousands of years for formation.
  • Energy resources are limited – India has approximately 1% of world’s energy resources but it has 16% of world population.
  • Most of the energy sources we use cannot be reused and renewed – Non renewable energy sources constitute 80% of the fuel use. It is said that our energy resources may last only for another 40 years or so.
  • We save the country a lot of money when we save energy – About 75 per cent of our crude oil needs are met from imports which would cost about Rs.1, 50,000 crore a year
  • We save our money when we save energy – Imagine your savings if your LPG cylinder comes for an extra week or there is a cut in your electricity bills
  • We save our energy when we save energy – When we use fuel wood efficiently, our fuel wood requirements are lower and so is our drudgery for its collection
  • Energy saved is energy generated – When we save one unit of energy, it is equivalent to 2 units of energy produced
  • Save energy to reduce pollution – Energy production and use account to large proportion of air pollution and more than 83 percent of greenhouse gas emissions

An old Indian saying describes it this way – The earth, water and the air are not a gift to us from our parents but a loan from our children. Hence we need to make energy conservation a habit

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