Cell phones have become an inevitable part of our lives, it’s hard to imagine even a single day without but little do we know that the waves from the cell phones can prove to be really harmful

An excessive use of mobile phones can cause problems to heart, ears and skin too. It can also lead to headache, sleep disturbance, lack of concentration, memory loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

According to various studies, it has been revealed that that frequent use of mobile phones can lead to acne and burns on face. This happens because when you keep your phone close to your face, a friction between the face and the surface of the phone is created, which damage the skin.

It has also been found that mobile phone emits radio waves burns the tissues in the body and thereby causes damages in the body system which later leads to cancer.

Another major risk of excess use of a cell phone is ear drum damage. A large percent of ear problem reported are caused by the harmful way people use their mobile device.

Extensive cell phone usage can also cause damage to reproduction system. Studies have found that excessive usage can affect the quality of semen in men by reducing viability and sperm count.

So next time be careful when you use your cell phones!

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