Job Portal Managment System

Features fro User side

  1. User can register your self
  2. login module
  3. User can update own profile
  4. change password
  5. view cart
  6. Order History

Features for Admin

  1. Admin can control the whole data from admin panel
  2. Change the prices of services.
  3. Manage the all register users
  4. Change the content of the site

Technologies Used In this Project

1.HTML 2.CSS 3.PHP 4.MYSQL 5.JAVASCRIPTS 6.JQUERY. Software Required(Any one) 1.XAMPP 2.WAMP 3.LAMP 4.MAMP

How to run the Project

  1. Download the Project.
  2. Unzip the project file and paste in the root directory.
  3. Create the database “naukri2jobs”;
  4. Import the sql file(sql file will be available inside the package)
  5. link for project : http://localhost/jobportal
  6. link for admin Panel : http://localhost/jobportal/admin

Login Details for user :

Username : and

Password : password

Login Details for Admin :

Username : admin and

Password :password

Download Free PHP Project Job Portal Managment System

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