Online Book Store Management System

This is an simple online web store was made by using php , mysql and bootstrap. The sql for database is put in folder database. the database contains many tables.

To change the localhost, username, password for connecting to database, change it only one time in /functions/database_functions.php -> db_connect() . Simple and fast The setup base is localhost , root , , www_project

to connect the admin section, click the name Admin Login at the bottom. the name and pass for log in is admin , admin. Just to make it simple.

the 2 main things are not fully implemented is contact and process purchase. Due to having to work with some security and online payment, the process site is just a place holder.

Installation/Configuration/Execution Steps
Download Online Book Store Project
Unzip the Downloaded Project
Copy and Paste inside WWW folder or htdocs folder
Open Your Web Browser and type inside “localhost/online-book-store-project-in-php”

Database Configuration
Create a new database named “www_project”
Import “www_project.sql” file from database folder(See in downloaded folder)

Admin Login Details
Use the Same Login Form(Given on left Sidebar on front Page)
Password: admin

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