Preamble And Evolution Of Indian Constitution – Part 4

Preamble And Evolution Of Indian Constitution - Part 4
Preamble And Evolution Of Indian Constitution - Part 4
# Question Answer
151 _______is the chief force of political power in India The People
152 The Constitution describes the Indian Union as India i.e. Brarat
153 The Constitution of India describes India as Union of States
154 The two persons who played a vital role in the integration of Princely States were Sardar Patel and V.P.Menon
155 The States were reorganized on linguistic basis in 1956
156 Which State enjoys the distinction of being the first linguistic State of India? Andhra Pradesh
157 The Indian Federal system is modeled on the Federal system of Canada
158 India is known as Parliamentary Democracy because Executive is
responsible to the Parliament
159 The Indian State is regarded as federal because the Indian Constitution provides for Sharing of power between Center and States
160 In which Case did Supreme Court hold that the Preamble was a part of the Constitution? Keshavananda Bharti Case
161 In which Case did Supreme Court hold that Preamble was not a part of the Constitution? Berubari Case
162 The Ninth Schedule was added to the Constitution by the 1st Amendment
163 Which Schedule details the boundaries of the States and the Union Territories? I
164 The details of salaries, allowances, etc. of the President, Vice President, Speaker, Judges of Supreme Court, etc. are provided in Schedule II
165 Which Schedule gives details regarding the subjects included in the three lists — Central, State and Concurrent Lists? VII
166 In the Indian Constitution There are three lists: The Union list, the State list and the Concurrent list
167 Which of the following statements is correct? Rule of Law is a basic feature of the Constitution which cannot be amended under Article 368 of the Constitution
168 As per Article 262 of Indian Constitution, disputes relating to waters shall be solved By Parliament
169 Which one of the following declares India as a Secular State? Preamble of the Constitution
170 By which of the following a new State is formed? Constitutional Amendment
171 The final interpreter to Indian Constitution is Supreme Court
172 Every Amendment of Indian Constitution has to be approved by the Parliament
173 Which one of the following States has a separate Constitution? Jammu & Kashmir
174 Apart from the Jammu & Kashmir, which other State has been provided special protection in certain matters? Nagaland
175 Article 356 of the Constitution of India deals with Proclamation of President’s Rule in a State
176 The State of Jammu & Kashmir was accorded special status under Article 370
177 The Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir was framed by A special Constituent Assembly set up by the State
178 The Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir came into force on 26-01-1957
179 The special status of Jammu & Kashmir implies that the State has separate Constitution
180 In case of Jammu & Kashmir, an Amendment to the Constitution become applicable only after the President issued the necessary orders under the Article 370
181 Under the Parliamentary system of the Government, the Cabinet as a whole is responsible to the Legislature
182 Who is authorized to initiate a Bill for Constitutional Amendment? Either House of Parliament
183 The power of Parliament to amend the Constitution includes power to amend by way of addition, variation or repeal
184 Which Article empowers the Parliament to amend the Indian Constitution? 368
185 Ninth Schedule to the Constitution is added by way of ____ Constitutional Amendment 1st
186 What is contained in the Tenth Schedule of the Indian Constitution? Provisions regarding disqualification on grounds of defection
187 Mahatma Gandhiji was first referred to as the ‘Father of the Nation’ by Subhash Chandra Bose
188 ‘Jai Hind’, the nationalist slogan of India was coined by Subhash Chandra Bose
189 Who framed the Constitution of India? Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
190 Which famous leader raised the slogan, “Tell the Slave, He is a Slave and He will Revolt”? Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
191 Who said, “Those who attack Congress and spare Nehru are fools. They do
not know the ABCs of the politics?”
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
192 What is the name given to the Ambedkar’s house built for himself, his family and books at Dadar, in Bombay? Rajagriha
193 Indian Constitution is Wholly written
194 The Indian Constitution is Lengthy, Written
195 Consider the following statement: On eve of launch of Quit India Movement, Mahatma Gandhi
196 The ‘Homespun Movement’ and the Salt March promoted by Mahatma Gandhiji in India are examples of his policy of Non-violent protest
197 Which year is considered to be a memorable landmark in the history of India’s Struggle for Freedom? 1921
198 The First War of Independence took place in the year (OR) In which year did the Sepoy Mutiny, India’s first Freedom Struggle, takes place? 1857
199 Mahatma Gandhiji was the editor of Young India
200 Who was not a member of the Constituent Assembly? Mahatma Gandhi

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