Time Management System PHP MYSQL

Laravel 5.3 based system for freelancers to manage their work time. It is a demo project for demonstrating what can be generated with QuickAdminPanel tool. This Project is all generated with QuickAdmin except for custom code for Reports functionality.

Demo Credential:
Email: admin@admin.com
Pass: password

How to use using composer
Clone the repository with git clone
Copy .env.example file to .env and edit database credentials there
Run composer install
Run php artisan key:generate
Run php artisan migrate –seed (it has some seeded data for your testing)
That’s it: launch the main URL and login with default credentials admin@admin.com – password

Installation Step :
extract zip file in htdocs or www folder.
create new database phpmyadmin and import sql file.
edit .env file database credential.

Download Free Online Time Management System PHP MYSQL

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